City of Sisters. The City of Sisters led Sisters Country Vision. It’s part of the City’s commitment to renew and update its vision first created in 2007. The Mayor and Council, City Manager, Community Development Department, and Administrative staff all pitched in to help make the project a success. NXT Consulting Group of Portland and Bend advised the City in this initiative.

Our Project Partners. Other organizations are partnering with Sisters Country Vision. The Deschutes County Community Development Department and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council (COIC) contributed budget and staff time. Additionally, working through COIC, Portland State University’s Oregon’s Kitchen Table project guided our community meetings and kitchen table conversations. Citizens4Community has also been a key local partner.

Our Supporters and Volunteers. A number of groups lent their assistance, in-kind support and/or volunteer time to Sisters Country Vision, including Sisters Library, Ray’s Food Place, FivePine Lodge, Sisters Area Chamber of Commerce, Sisters High School, Aspen Lakes, Sisters Camp Sherman Fire District, and The Nugget. We expect others to join us along the way, as we work to make the vision a reality for our community. Let us know if your organization is interested in helping out! Contact us or the City of Sisters.

“If there’s one person smarter than any of us, it’s all of us.”

~ Anonymous