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DO YOU EVER WONDER about the future of Sisters Country? What will it look like 10, 15 or 20 years from now? Will it still have all those things we love about this place? Will it be a good place to find a job, raise a family, create or recreate to your heart’s content, or retire in comfort? How can we improve it and make it even better? If we don’t think about these questions now, we may not be able to answer them down the road.

THAT’S THE REASON for Sisters Country Horizons, a visioning project sponsored by the City of Sisters in partnership with Deschutes County and Central Oregon Intergovernmental Council. Throughout 2018, we are inviting the residents of Sisters Country to join in a conversation about big dreams, bold ideas and very practical actions. There will be many ways to get involved. We invite you to be part of our future – beginning here and now.

What is Sisters Country Horizons?

“There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about.”

~ Margaret Wheatley

Sisters Country Horizons is Off and Running!

  • Nugget reports on City’s new visioning project: January 30
  • Interviews with Community Leaders begin: February 8
  • Sisters Country Horizons logo is revealed: March 1
  • Inaugural press release announces Sisters Country Horizons: March 2
  • Citizens4Community asks residents about values and visions: March 9-17
  • Interviews with Community Leaders conclude: March 16
  • Sisters Country Horizons website launches: March 21
  • Online Community Survey goes live: March 22

Coming Up: Surveys, Meetings and Forums

  • Community meetings announced
  • Online Survey is live until April 26
  • Trainings for Community Meetings facilitators: April 9-10, locations & times TBA
  • Community Meetings: April 11-May 9, locations, dates & times TBA
  • Kitchen Table Conversations: April 11-May 9 (organize your own meeting)
  • Vision Action Team appointed: ca. April 27
  • Community Forums: four events between May 21-15, locations & dates TBA
  • “Locals Night” Open House: location & dates TBA